Social media accounts for quarter of UK web traffic

23 August 2010

Ofcom has crunched the numbers on UK media consumption.  The findings of its annual Communications Market Report showed that on average, Britons spend just over seven hours of their waking day using media and communications.  More if they were multi-tasking – the figure was nine and a half hours for 16-25 year-olds.

Social media accounted for a quarter of online use and Facebook drove most traffic.  Twitter took second spot, pipping LinkedIn and MySpace. The majority of social media users were 16-36 year-olds but older people were increasingly signing up for services.  There’s also been an exponential growth in the number of people using mobile phones to surf the web and Facebook accounted for almost 50 per cent of mobile traffic.  (BBC News 19/8).

In related news microblogging, social media, netbook, dictionary attack, paywall, & tweet-up have all been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

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