Sport brands, in-house marketing and social media engagement

7 January 2013

by Sentiment

Some brands want to manage their own voice on social media. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that sports firms such as Nike, are thought to be bringing their social media marketing in-house.

In the past week, Marketing Week produced an article stating that Nike wanted to ‘gain a deeper understanding of its fans.’ by taking its social media marketing in-house. Although a brand representative is yet to confirm this move, what better way to do this than through managing its social media presence?! It is thought that this was part of a larger decision aiming to find out how followers of the brand interacted with it on social networks.


By taking this step, Nike would be in a position to reach out and engage directly, whereas previously the brand was employing agencies to do this task. After all, it’s those who work directly for a company who are most likely to know the ins and outs of a brand and truly understand its social strategy.

There have been some comments that the move was a cost-cutting measure and industry watchers will be interested if the Nike team can maintain the social standards set by external agencies. But, having a dedicated in-house social media marketing team may be the next step for many large organisations who have the resources to do so but for those companies who don’t, who looks after YOUR social media?

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